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Clinging Desperately to its Manhood: In high school you jerked off the same way all the other guys did. In fact, once or twice you even did it together in the locker room showers - to compare how big your dicks were and to see how far you could shoot - a competition, really, to establish who was the most masculine, the most dominant, among you. But by your 20s your true nature was beginning to assert itself. No longer could you cum by just stroking yourself. Now you had to spread your legs, arch your back, and get down on all fours like a bitch in heat. You still thrust your hips and stroked your penis, of course, feigning some hint of masculinity. But how long before Nature (or a Man) required you to give this up as well?  After all, it was only getting semi-erect now anyway - despite your best efforts.

Repeatedly humiliating a ‘fag’ coworker who passively accepts that humiliation often leads to physical contact —  with you unzipping your fly and the fag down on its knees. Faggots are easily intimidated by dominant males and long to serve cocky, uncaring men who put them in their place. Having an obedient faggot-cocksucker at work isn’t a bad thing. And as long as you treat ‘it’ like the stupid little fag,it is, that’s exactly what ‘it’ will always be !

(Source: bonehard)

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