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This is what separates a faggot from your average cocksucker or bottom boy: A faggot doesn’t just suck cock and swallow cum. A faggot worships cock and cum — wants their very essence to be literally beat into his face, smeared and stained into his skin so that he can feel it and smell it … a reminder, long after the Men have left, that he is a worthless faggot who exists to service dick.

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Hottest damn double facial i’ve ever fuckin seen. Love the third steel dick in the faggot’s face, also. Like to see that blow a load, too, maybe…

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The desire to be used, abused and required to serve any and all who should require it and then forced to wait and be available when needed again is an overwhelming and powerful drive in many boys.

Once a boy makes the commitment to serve… control of his life is TAKEN from him… the training that he must endure is BRUTAL but it has a purpose. A slave and later an Object is DEVELOPED… It will simply EXIST for the rest of its life in this manner.

HAIL fukin right— NO way out. No turning back. No regrets. 

And seeing your Gods cock stiffen when He reminds you how hard you begged when HE dove deep into its fagmind.  Attaboy.

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