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An email from one lucky faggot

  • Hi, i am one more stupid fag from very homophobic country (Serbia) so i'm sorry if my english is bad

  • I wanted to ask you why we faggots have so bad desire for white, macho, masculine, homophobic men..I was humiliated by a group of teenage men, being called stupid, perversed, sick faggot, and i wasn't saying anything, they were laughing and spitting on me, one of them even beated me, and they left, i was crying in park.

  • and even after that when i came home i masturbated on that scenes.

  • why am I so fucked up and pathetic??

  • Thank you for your answer..i follow your tumblr every day..and i have one more question..i read that your brother found out that youre a is he reacting on you now?

  • With admiration one more faggot.


  • To M:

  • You're lucky to come from such a homophobic country. Here in the U.S., straight white men's rights are being taken away from them by militant faggots who believe they should receive equal treatment even though they are sick homos. At least where you are from, men are still men and know they can harrass and beat faggots as they like. Hopefully my country will move back to a more civil time when faggots shut their fucking mouths and stayed in their place.

  • As for why? I can only guess based on my experience. I feel like straight white men are everything I am not, even though I am a white male. I feel like they are the supreme, highest form of life. They have all of the strong genetic makeup that is dominant and positive. I feel like faggots are defective and that our DNA is all recessive. I long for the straight white men for they make me feel full, fulfilled. Having their attention make me feel like there is a reason for me to exists. And when I am lucky enough to drink up their cum, spit, or piss, I feel so blessed and fortunate. I believe straight white men help us feel like we are normal because they fill in all of our blanks. Make sense?

  • Anyhow, I understand completely. I jerked off every hour for a week after the first straight white guy beat me after I sucked him off. It was a feeling that was so right. I know most of the world will say we are sick for feeling this way, and yes, we are. But, we are what we are. So, get off on being a piece of shit fucked up faggot. It's ok to yearn to be fucked over. It's okay to make straight white men our God.

  • Keep on,

  • astupidfaggot



"You waste a single drop of my hot load, boy, and I’m going to slap the shit out of you. Now be a good faggot and eat it all up."

A much as a faggot lives to swallow Stud Seed there are times when he must be reminded to eat it all up during his feedings. There is a bliss that comes with have a thick Alpha Load covering your face. It’s not meant as a sign of disrespect rather Your Thick Load covering his face makes him feel like the dirty whore he is, it makes him feel nasty and used. A gentle reminder will ensure he takes the necessary step of swallowing Your Load in the end.

Absolutely true! Having a load on my face definitely makes me feel like a dirty whore, nasty and used, and that’s when I feel the sexiest. 

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