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Anonymous asked:

My bully knew I was a fag even before I did. He liked to dunk my head in the toilet for a swirly, usually after he had pissed inside. I cannot count how many times he did this. Once, he told me to undress in the bathroom and threw all my clothes in the urinals. They all got wet. He was careful enough to take my wallet off my pants and cash my money first, though. I stayed locked in a bathroom stall for hours waiting for my wet, stinky clothes to dry.



Hey fag-brother. Of course you bully knew that you are faggot before you did. Alphas can spot a faggot in a crowd of 1000 people. What he done to you must have been such a great pleasure for you. Be thankful for his abuse and send him a message to officaly thank him for what he did.

My experience also.

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