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A tip for football jocks, high school through college through professional: Don’t hit women. Totally not cool. Instead, get yourself a faggot, like me. You can rape us and beat us all you like, and you’ll get in no trouble. Faggots were put on Earth to service you. We will do ANYTHING you say. (Trust me, I spent three years of high school obeying football jocks, the most supreme of all jock studs. My university doesn’t have a football team!) We faggots will provide you pleasures no woman would ever agree to, and a release for your pent-up aggression. We worship you above all men.


Take it in, faggot, take it in.  Engrave this moment in your faggot brain.  you exist For Men, not as a Man.  you are inferior.  you are less than.  you are here to Serve Men, Satisfy Men, and Amuse Men.  your pain is My pleasure. your debasement is my Amusement.  you are the lowest of the low.  you are a faggot!



you are one sick faggot, you know that don’t you, fuckin hard on while I call you a worthless fuckhole…

This is all you’re good for: a throwback loss from evolution who can do nothing but serve for the entertainment of Real Men. Pathetic little cock, butt ugly face, and not a fucking shred of self respect. You belong beneath the dirt under My shoes, you sad little waste. What a fucking faggot.

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This is what it’s all about.  Handsome, muscular, straight Alpha male out for a shirtless run.  Proud to show the world his achievements.  I’m sure He is confident, cocky, a star athlete and a sex machine with the ladies.  In other words he is the ideal to our society.  Will probably obtain a high paying job, raise a wonderful family and contribute positively to society. It is an Honor to post His picture.


one of the 100’s of bait officers used by the alabama fag patrol.  once approached, undercover officers apprehend offender and according to law approved by large majority of alabama voters, are sent to one of 10 labor camps where they are held without trial for life.  this one bait officer alone is responsible for over 1000 fags being removed from the streets of alabama.


Anonymous asked:

I get what you are trying to portray on your site... the fantasy of a "real man" forcing himself upon a "faggot" - I know the fantasy, hell to a lesser extent, I've been that "faggot". But at the same time, a lot of the captions you have chosen to include with some of the pic read more like something a fag basher would say, not someone who wants you to suck his dick or wants to fuck you. Your idea is cool, but some of your captions are certainly not very arousing. Thanks for listening !


Happy to listen.

With my blog, I am attempting to share a truth. Sometimes that will take us into darker corners, but that is sometimes necessary in order to shake us out of our complacency when it comes to cultural conditioning.

As with all blogs, it will be personal…not everything is going to speak to everyone. If you find posts that are “not very arousing,” spend some time trying to discover the truth behind it. Not every post is meant to be arousing, but to make us think!

Thanks for your comment.

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