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"Did that faggot just say being gay is normal?"

"Hahaha I know man! What the fuck is normal about liking dick?"

The lowly faggot knew the two studs were talking about him, and he had decided long ago that he wouldn’t take shit like that anymore. He gathered up the nerve and approached the two straight jocks.

"Just shut up when you don’t know what you’re talking about!" he said in his soft, feminine voice.

"Did that faggot just tell us to shut up?" one of the studs said, clutching his empty beer can.

"Dude, he wants us to kick his ass. I heard queers like that." the other said.

Well, if that’s what the homo wanted, he got it! He was slammed to the ground without being shown mercy, hit a few times, then the sick Alpha male bent down and farted in his face.

"Dude, you’re gross!" one jock said to the other.

"That’ll teach that dumbass to talk down to men who are better than him." he said.

The homo, his dignity crushed, looked up at the men standing over him and mustered out a, “Thank you.” Faggots, no matter how brainwashed they become, never forget their true purpose.

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Cute guy slurping cum

Ordinarily I like to see a cocksucker take it directly in the mouth, but there’s something nice about this video. The fag’s hunger seems real. I would love to feed on that dude’s cock. I think he likes having a queer need it so fucking bad.

It’s always kinda hot running across old vids of myself sucking clock that I never knew were out there… XP

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